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The Captain loves Intercasino.  It is not just the Captain either, matey – Intercasino has been voted “Top Casino of the Year” fer 3 years runnin’ by the readers of the illustrious Gambling Online Magazine. Intercasino is an extremely well operated  organization. The monthly promotions that every player gets at this casino are both very valuable and very fun fer all players.  The special touches put on by Casino manager Ryan Hartley are great.  Ryan visits the casino every weekend and when players spot him and say “hi” to him and he says “hi” back then that player wins $50!  There are many such fun and exciting things happening at Intercasino and it can be very interactive if you want to play at public tables or private if you wish to play alone.  Intercasino gives super fast payouts and is one of the most secure and honest online casinos in the world.  Everyone should play at Intercasino.


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The Captain always loves to stop by Club Player casino because it’s always a rewarding experience.  Club Player presents ye with a gaming experience that stays forever. With a huge welcome Bonus to start, Club Player Casino ( offers you the chance to enter its glittering world of online gaming with a touch and glamour and style. Club Player boasts so many different kinds of bonuses fer every type of game and player that it is amazing.  Ye can always find the perfect bonus to help ye enjoy yer gaming at Club Player casino.  These bonuses change weekly and are more than enough for the Captain and all me crew.  With so many games and so many bonuses ye will enjoy Club Player every time ye visit!


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Side games at the charity event –



My original intent in going to the charity poker tournament was to play in the side games they have after the first hour and people started getting knocked out. However, since Ben and I both made the final 6 I never had time to sit down and try my hand at some live ring games. Ben and I went back the following night so we could play exclusively in the ring games. I was looking to play some $2/$4, but I knew $1/$2 NL was a much more popular game, and that was the first one available.


We sat down at the table 6-handed and I bought in for $80. The maximum was $100. I never made a profit on a hand, but I split for two pots with AK vs AK and A10 vs A10. In the A10 I was freerolling with the nut flush draw but failed to spike a heart. After about 20 minutes of play I was down to $50 and not having fun, these guys were too crazy. The raises were always $12 preflop and often one of the maniacs would just go all-in for $55 or more. It wasn’t a good place to actually try and play poker so I was excited when a new table opened up. I asked if they would play limit and they finally decided on Pot Limit. I looked at the table and noticed 5 women and 1 man. Nothing against women poker players (2 of the women were actually pretty good), but I knew they would not be nearly as aggressive as the table I was at, so I gladly switched over.


The funny thing about this game was that no one really knew how to play pot limit correctly, and I wasn’t going …

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Card Player Magazine Drops Home Subscription Rate by 63% – Qiu Qiu Online Terpercaya



Strong Circulation Increases Drive Dramatic Reduction; “Poker Authority” Now Just $39.95 per Year for 26 Issues

LAS VEGAS, NV — (MARKET WIRE) — 06/02/2004 — Card Player magazine, “The Poker Authority,” today announced a dramatic reduction in the home subscription rate for the world’s most respected and well-read poker magazine. EffectiveQiu Qiu Online Terpercaya immediately, Card Player, a bi-weekly publication, is priced at just $39.95 per year — a 63% drop from its previous subscription rate.

Packed with news, tournament updates, game tips, feature stories, exclusive color photos, champion profiles and more, Card Player is the must-read for amateurs and professionals who are committed to the game of poker. Interest in the magazine has surged in recent years — along with the exploding popularity of poker itself — due Qiu Qiu Online Terpercaya to the magazine’s lively mix of lifestyle and information. From its days as the essential resource for Las Vegas hard-core players, to its role today as the most reliable and entertaining read in the world of poker, Card Player has captured the attention of poker players like no other publication.


“With the addition of bookstore and newsstand distribution this year, demand for Card Player has been exceptionally strong. That increase has allowed us to make this huge move to capture more of the home subscription market,” said Barry Shulman, publisher of Card Player. “Now, at just over $1.50 an issue, there is no reason not to subscribe to the greatest poker publication in the world.”


New Look, New Features


Card Player is continually changing to meet the needs of the fast-growing poker fan base. Sporting a new look and feel, Card Qiu Qiu Online Terpercaya Player also includes features and content found nowhere else — including its online sibling,