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A rare occurrence for me – two days off! As I hadn’t been to Osaka before I thought I would stay locally. The weather wasn’t great, cloudy about 8 degrees with a cold wind. So I set off by foot for Osaka Castle.

Osaka Castle, Osaka, Japan.

As I wandered through the streets I noted the shape of the vehicles on the roads, they are increasingly becoming box like. Which when you begin to think about it is much more practical. OK, not elegant.

But for all those adverts that boast about the space inside, how much of that can you actually use? The use of space was becoming a theme. As I noted a bike rack suspended in mid air above those parked on the ground. Then a building no more than three metres wide, but five stories high. The petrol pump suspended in mid air, giving more room on the forecourt. The next observation was of the intricate network of roads, pedestrian walkways and train tracks above the ground. I reckon somewhere here there must be a noodle junction!

Osaka flyover.

Osaka Castle was originally built on this site in 1583 but has been destroyed twice – the latest reconstruction was built in 1931 and survived the war intact.

In the grounds of the Qq Online Terpercaya castle I saw a jumper approach me, it was a mixture of colours, obviously hand made and one which you might expect to see a student with long hair in the 70’s wearing. This jumper belonged to Kenji, now retired but had been an artist. He used to make and design the curtains that would hang outside shops, with the bright colours and calligraphy.

Glico Man, Osaka.

He travelled to Europe back in the mid 70s (I didn’t ask if that …