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Andre Doehner’s  $200,000 win  in the Monthly Million on 14/02/10 was not only based on skill. According to him, luck and perseverance both performed a big role in his victory.


In the final minutes before winning the prize, Andre was not nervous and he was feeling sure of his game plan that was working for him. He stressed the fact that winning the first prize did require the drawing out of favorable cards, but his overall skill is what brought him this achievement. This was his third shot at the Monthly Million and it turned out to be lucky #3 in the end.


Andre is a No-limit Texas Holdem poker player and it is his dream to travel to play live poker at the Main Event in Las Vegas. His tip for those who wish to get their hands on the Monthly Million 1st place prize of $200,000 is “NEVER GIVE UP”.


There is the option of direct buy-in to the Monthly Million for $500 + $35 freezeout, however players can win their place at the table through one of Titan Poker’s daily satellites. The upcoming Monthly Million is scheduled for March 14th and that will be followed by the next scheduled online tournament on April 11th 2010.


Monthly Million Winner – Athanasios Ntalakas


Athanasios Ntalakas wins Monthly Million


Athanasios Ntalakas is on fire!! Our Greek Titan has done it again, this time by winning the Monthly Million. He takes home his $200,000 share of the Million,  not so long after his additional $52,500  ECOOP V #1 victory in November ‘09.  As he himself put it on his Winners Page quote which appears on the Titan Poker website: “I am still thrilled after my win and I feel 2010 will be a …

Togel online




Mah Jong: The classic Chinese gambling game. The game is played similarly to Rummy, except instead of cards, tiles are used. To win, a player must assemble four sets of threes (either three of a kind or a sequence in the same suit) and an extra pair. In addition, there are a number of special hands that can be made which score higher than the usual amount of points and have exotic names such as “Heavenly Peace,” “Moon from the Bottom of the Sea,” or “Thirteen Orphans.” The game is played differently from country to country, province to province, even household to household. There are plenty of official rule sets in use, including International, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and numerous American variants. Many families play at least once a year, when they are together for the New Year’s celebrations. But even at times like those, among family, Mah Jong is still played for money. The stakes are usually much reduced then, however. For a long time, Mah Jong was banned in Communist China. Bowing to inevitability, the government finally allowed the game, at the same time publishing an ‘official’ set of rules by which it should be played.


Pai Gow: Pai Gow is played with a set of 32 Chinese Dominoes. The dominoes are a bit larger and a bit thicker than American Dominoes. In addition, the pips for the number 1 and the number 4 are in red, the rest are in white. This has no significance to the game, however, it is merely following the tradition of Chinese Dice, which are red on the 1 and 4. Each player in Pai Gow is dealt a hand of four dominoes, which he must arrange in two pairs, one high and one low. House rules typically …